Friday, May 13, 2011

Treadmills Suck Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the Treadmills Suck contest. Since I am not sure where this blog rates as the center of your existence, I will take a moment to remind everyone that the objective of the contest was to locate a gym with soft serve ice cream. There were two participants, so we have roughly two winners. Even though I still do not have a gym where I can find soft serve… I am a good sport and a person of my word, so here are the results.

Second Prize - Gym at a College

Tova said... The gym at my college had a "smoothie" bar with "smoothies" made of ice cream. I think that is the closest you will get to soft serve. :(

My Response:
While I can accept the fact that buying a smoothie from some aerobics addict working on her anthropology degree is likely be my best shot at getting anything near ice cream at a gym, you neglected to tell me the name of your college, or even the location of the gym. I tried to narrow it down… but you fail. You get the t-shirt anyway, but you must wear it in an attitude of defeat.

First Prize - Chico Sports Club:

who said... Chico Sports Club used to sell frozen yogurt at the fitness center across the street from Chico Community Hospital's rehabilitation center off of Cohasset Road.

My Response:
Chico Sports Club selling frozen yogurt seventeen years ago doesn’t really solve my soft serve problem, but you still get credit for the effort. At least you gave me a location more specific than ‘college gym.’

In Summary:
I am a little disappointed that my quest for soft serve ice cream served at a gym did not lead to better results. However, I do have to admit that the presence of soft serve still might not be enough to entice me to go to the gym. As I write this, I am imagining the gym experience. I am part of a long row of people, all of us attached to strange equipment, moving along miserably with our eyes glued to the local news. It is starting to freak me out.

It just came to my attention that the title of original post was "Treadmills are Stupid," but I am keeping the alternate name because I like it better. Anyway, thanks for playing!


  1. I missed your original post. A gym opened up near here... and right across the street is some pretty awesome soft serve (at least it was a few years ago) and also a Wendy's. It's not IN the gym, but it's absolutely walking distance. ALSO: a little closer, is a Golden Spoon frozen yogurt place. So that's three choices in walking distance from a gym. In California. Where are you?

  2. Hi Nice Lady... I am in Texas, but willing to relocate under the right conditions. This actually sounds perfect. Maybe I'll just park at the gym and then walk to soft serve. Hey... Maybe I should join a gym in a good location primarily for parking access! Change of plans everyone! Change of plans.

  3. First place! thank you Lisa, and I'll check because they might still serve frozen yogurt, it's just been 17 years since the last time I had it there. To be completely honest, I didn't have a membership. I worked across the street at Chico Community Hospital and sometimes went to the gym during my lunch break, but not to work out, just to sit in their lounge. Chico is deathly hot in the summer and the gyms lounge was always air conditioned plus they made excellent turkey club sandwiches with real turkey (like leftovers from Thanksgiving)It sounds sorta weird saying it, but I went to the gym to relax in the air conditioned environment, eat a turkey club sandwich and a medium chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries.

    I like the title change, it's more "adult" oriented

  4. My Rec Center doesn't have soft serve but it does have one of those ice cream freezer chest thingies. It's for "the kids".

  5. As it turns out, I am no longer looking for a gym with a soft-serve machine. Sometimes in life, you start looking for one thing, then realize what you need is something else entirely. Thanks to everyone for your valuable insights, and most of all, for helping find the gym that is right for me. Now I realize that what I need in a gym is not merely ice cream availability, but also a lounge and a great turkey sandwich.

  6. DevilsHeaven... are the ice cream thingys really for just the kids? How easily do you think I could get in to steal one?

  7. I think maybe I should have italicized or emboldened the key words because I feel like I may have led you astray Lisa.

    Air-conditioned when it's deathly hot, Thanksgiving Turkey

    Somebodies got to cook a turkey, in an oven, as opposed to using deli-cuts. If your going to eat turkey, specifically snadwiches with turkey stuffed between two slices of bread,it's the only way to go