Friday, November 11, 2011

My New Place

Some of you may know that I have a new place over at WordPress. It is really nice over there, but I’m not quite moved in yet. 

I meant to use the opportunity of a fresh new start to write a grown-up blog instead of rambling on about t-shirts. In the spirit of setting up my new blog properly, I decided to follow WordPress’ advice and refer to the DailyPost for inspiration. Then, that is when Kristen, in Ways to Develop Your Unique Writing Voice, told me that unless I develop my ‘mature voice’ I am going to end up wandering around and making a mess of things.

Andreas Heinakroon commented, “Great new blog! Very grown-up, very mature. You seem to have found a more substantial tone of voice, a more confident writing style.” With this comment, and my new mature writing style, I was well on my way to world domination. Then, I posted a picture of a butt.

I guess a mature writing style just isn't my thing.

So, give me time to decorate and move some things over there, and I will take all of you with me to my glorious new place. Assuming you are willing to get into the back of a windowless van.

For Further Research

To develop your writing voice:
Ways to Develop Your Unique Writing Voice | Kristen Lamb’s Blog

To see my new blog page:
(Keep in mind it's not done yet. Or even started, really. I'm planning to have widgets.)

To be reincarnated as an octopus:
The dread of reincarnation
(This does seem a little off topic, but you never know when an article about octopi incarnation will come in handy.)


  1. I can heartily recommend you to visit Lisa's new place - it's awesome! (and not just because we now are neighbours..)

    P.S. Thanks for the linkback, Lisa!

  2. I love Lisa's new place, as well. It's delightful. Still funny and insightful, more widget ability. There should be a Klout score for that.

  3. I may have just left an inappropriate comment over there. Oh well.

  4. I'll follow wherever you're leading, but I'm uncertain of my ability to contribute in any sort of meaningful way in the comments of a *grown-up* blog.
    I am, however, heartened by the addition of pants that can help me help myself. Maybe this will be the ticket to becoming an actual grown-up.

  5. Man, first I get into the candy van, that didn't even have any candy. That sucked. Then I got into the gay van, which was cool, cause it had disco lights and music, and that one did have candy! Now there's another van I have to get into? Do those get good gas milage, or something? Why does everyone have a van?

  6. Count me in on either blog! Or both! :)