Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to be funny on Twitter

Come and see my new WordPress post, “How to be funny on Twitter” in which Handflapper ruins my Blog Contest by winning it hands down in 30 seconds with a blowjob comment.

However, some people might be offended by blowjob comments. If this is the case, and blowjob comments offend you, there is also a compelling story from Andreas Heinakroon  about how to steal Salvation Army uniform jackets. Or at least, that is what I got out of the story.

In the event someone steals your Salvation Army uniform or, less likely, it happens to blow away in the wind, there will also be t-shirts:

Was going to explain that this really makes more sense in context, but who am I kidding?

If you are still not compelled to visit my WordPress blog, don’t worry, I have left the best part for last. When you visit my WordPress blog, lahikmajoe will share with you the proper spelling of the name, Kaddafi. Or Gadaffi. I should have been paying more attention.

Please note that my spelling here, of the name Quadafi, is most likely not the proper spelling. But then again, I have to make sure you visit the site, don’t I? Or do I? You know what? Never mind about going over there, just leave all your flattering comments right here. Those people are a bunch of flakes anyway. 


  1. Hey! I'm one of those flakes, and I take exception to being called that!

    (P.S. What's a flake?)

  2. A flake is another word for "Admirable Genius" and also means "made of corn."

  3. I thought heinakroon was a zombie. (Confused.)

    Could my shirt say Fucking Bastard Bells? Not that I get one. Because I didn't win. Because I wouldn't have come up with the blowjob comment ever. Ever, ever. (I think this is probably self-evident.) I forget that men even have penises. (No offense, men.)

  4. This is where my *troll* was getting his material.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  5. Okay so I linked here (retracing my steps) from a tweet saying you were promoting "your" Wordpress blog which I assumed was the one I linked to....clearly a mistake on my part...

  6. Also there is officially NO official English spelling of that name. Alphabet problems!

  7. Jim... It was my fault, the links were confusing. I changed them to prevent anyone else yelling out "fuck bells" at inopportune times. Sorry we thought you were a troll.