Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Create a Troll

When Lahikmajoe started his new WordPress blog, and told me had a ‘troll,’ I was intrigued. However, after a quick trip to Wikipedia, I was a little disappointed to find out that a ‘troll’ is someone who makes inflammatory remarks on a blog that are often completely out of context of the blogger’s subject matter.  Not exactly a gruesome little figure hiding under a bridge, but close I guess.

It turns out that this ‘troll’ entered the world based on a combination of two events: Lakimajoe deciding to create a new WordPress blog, and my decision to use my Blogger blog to promote my WordPress blog. 

I am merrily typing away, as usual, with reckless abandon. In doing so, I place a link to Lahikmajoe’s new blog inside a mess of other links embedded in a conversation about blowjobs and next to a large image of a t-shirt saying “Fuck the Bells.” You may have seen it.  

Our friend, Jim, who is very nice by the way, reads about the blowjobs, the fuck bells, and so forth. Despite this, he somehow decides to visit my shiny new blog in the land of WordPress. Fatefully, he clicks the link to Lahikmajoe’s shiny new blog in the land of WordPress.

As you can imagine, a person showing up suddenly talking about blowjobs and “fuckbells” when you in the middle of politely introducing your non-tea blog, can be somewhat disconcerting. Lahikmajoe thought Jim was completely mad. While I do feel that I have owed Lahikmajoe a madman for some time now, I in no way wanted to get Jim mixed up in all of this.  So, Jim… please accept my formal apology in the form of this t-shirt.

You are welcome, Jim. Wear it with pride.

So, in the interest of improving communication, and in making my blog less of a confusing muddled mess, I am going to provide you with some links below. Clicking on these links and responding to them will probably not make you seem like a lunatic, but there is clearly no guarantee. 

Here is a link, clearly marked as such, to Lahikmajoe’s new WordPress blog.  I have no idea what he plans to do with it, but it will no doubt be interesting.

Here is a link to my new WordPress blog. I would caution you not to go in there just to yell “fuckbell,” but the term is rather endearing and we like it now. So, knock yourself out.

Here is a link to the Lucy’s Football Guide to Twitter Etiquette. I think we need one for blog etiquette regarding t-shirts with bell obscenities. This is unmarked territory.

Lastly, here is a link to Jim’s site, your FACE is my blog. He has been a champ about all of this, so go encourage him on the Nano novel that he is not writing. Apparently, while Jim acknowledges the motivation Nano provides, he does not enjoy ‘pooping out words.’ Personally, I hear they are high in fiber. 


  1. I think I'm missing a tea blog.

  2. OMG... I forgot the link to the tea blog!

  3. And people probably REALLY need tea after all of this.

  4. I am so thirsty now. For tea. I will click on all those links sometime today, but now I am busy creating my actual virtual t-shirt.

  5. I think the LGalaviz and Lahikmajoe were close enough (you know, cause they're both L words). . . and enough mentions of linking to YOUR blog were made, that when I said to myself "ugh. . . okay, okay, i'll link to your other blog" it never ever occurred to me that it could BE anyone else's blog. Possibly I skimmed that part.

    Then I got the response and I was like, "hmm, clearly that was not taken the way I thought it would be," but I was on my iphone and busy, and I hate reading on that thing, let along typing comments. . . until I got the NEXT comment, and then I started stressing out about it. . . "nono, i didn't mean it THAT way. . . ack!"

    In my head, you had written his blog, and it seemed hilarious that YOU were referencing finally starting an adult blog after quoting flapper's blowjob story and showing a tea shirt that sported the eff word. "I have the PERFECT comment for that" I thought. . .snarktacular!!

    And then. . . THAT happened.


  6. Hey... Lahikmajoe WANTED a *grown up* blog. I say, be careful what you wish for.

  7. If you're not careful, you may be heading for a psychotic break. I already see you drifting back and forth between sanity (WP blog) and insanity (Blogger blog) and this post is a clear warning sign that something may SNAP! at any second.

    Good thing I'm signed up to both sites. Excuse me while I grab my bowl of popcorn but don't do anything drastic until I get back. I don't want to miss what is sure to be a spectacular event. :-)