Monday, September 5, 2011

Update on Harvard Virtual Canoe Team

Our Harvard Imaginary Rowing Team placed first among virtual rowing and canoe teams all over the world.

The members of our esteemed team are as follows:

Gigi: In charge of megaphone 
@gingerblaze: Finder of imaginary bodies of water

We will treat this like the rapture. Everyone on the Harvard Imaginary Rowing Team, at 6:00 your local time, may raise a pint of your favorite beverarge in celebration. 

In respect to our accomplished rowing team, I am going to ask that everyone else please refrain from raising pints of beverages at 6:00pm your local time as you did absolutely nothing of significance to earn them. 

Based on the blinding success of our Harvard Imaginary Rowing Team, I am sure that many of you will now want to join. You can still join, but now you have to beg and plead. I am not sure how much begging and pleading will be required. That will be decided on an individual basis, probably by Satan.

In fact, all requests to join the Harvard Imaginary Rowing Team should be sent directly to Satan(@SatanInSingSing) via Twitter and prefaced by significant begging and pleading. If you hurry, you might still make the 6:00pm pint raising deadline.


  1. Dammit!!! I totally missed the 6:00 pm pint raising deadline!! Can we move it to 8:00 pm?

    But otherwise, YAY us! We did good!

  2. OH!! SO GOOD!! First time I have EVER

    1.) been on a team!
    2.) gotten first place!!

    I drank and partied and yet I can still see to type!! Woohoooo!! It doesn't get much better than that!! :)

  3. Mazel! I was thirsty at 6:00 I didn't know why...

  4. I'm not good on teams, I'll be on the banks of the water, cheering you on, and handing you cups of-- well since you're already in water, slices of cold pizza. You know, for carbo loading!

  5. and hells yes i am in charge of admissions! bwahaha!
    also, i unfortunately missed our pint-raising yesterday (although to be fair, i *did* raise a pint 2 hours later, at Monday Night Drinking Club (MNDC).
    silly me, being away from my computer!
    so, can we hoist drinks again? because that would kick ass.
    go, Rowing Team!
    you know what i think? i think we need shirts, that is what i think.