Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on Satanic Apparel

Official Satan-Wear is Now Available

Apparently Zazzle will let just anyone on their website, allowing Satan to begin the official production of the ‘Satan thinks I’m cool’ t-shirt. I am assuming that there is a process in place before purchase to make sure Satan actually thinks you are cool. Also, there is a legal agreement to prevent unapproved individuals from borrowing and then wearing the shirt. Don’t even ask about giving the shirt as a gift because there is a background check requiring wearer of the shirt to have at least a misdemeanor criminal offense, or proof you have killed a kitten. Satan is flexible.

However, the good news is that I hear there are plans for a ‘Satan’s Minion’ shirt that will be more accessible. These shirts will be part of the mandatory hell dresscode, so you should probably go ahead and buy a few just so you can get the feel of it.


  1. hey, no killing kittens on my watch! i'm a cat person. and besides, who hasn't had the thought that cats are just small, furry demons? my demons, all of them. DO NOT KILL.

    other than that, YES: misdemeanors, piracy, shoplifting, reckless endangerment, general obnoxiousness, wicked senses of humor - all these things (and more!) will get you into my lair.

  2. Okay, fine. Eveyone please note that kittens are OFF the list. Some demonic overlords are soo sensitive!

  3. now i think i love you more, oh dark overlord! i'm a kitty lover too.

  4. woo toni!

    and anonymous??? i AM a cat lover, but sensitive? BWAHAHAHHAHAH!