Thursday, October 27, 2011

Special Orders

Fine. Here are your special orders. Just remember, I'm not made of imaginary t-shirts, people!

This one is for Joshua of Vive Le Nerd. I would have actually put the fake vest and bow-tie on here, but I didn't feel like drawing stuff. Apparently, I am too lazy to draw on these shirts... or even change fonts, apparently. No one is ever going to buy these.

This one is for Debihen of So... I've Been Thinking. Congratulations! You are now King of the World.

This is for those of you who might be a little more goal oriented than Debbie. I had to cover my bases because I can't stay up all night making these things.

This is for those of you who are LESS goal oriented than Debbie.

Just kidding, this shirt is dedicated to @zippy219. May we ALL be lucky enough to get fake books on Oprah's Show. Wait... is Oprah even doing a show anymore??? Why am I writing a fake book? Damn.


  1. No mater what I'm always an under achiever. "Ruler of the Universe"...if I had the brain it takes to win a Pulitzer, I would've known Rhat would be better than king of the world.

  2. What? *I* didn't get a customized, pretend t-shirt?!

    I think I may be offended.

  3. Classic and beautiful. And now The Wife is looking at me strangely because I'm giggling like a school girl.

  4. What? Another post about a subject I don't recognise? Oh, that's nice! I had zombie flu for one short week and now I'm out of the loop?! Zombies are people to, you know!

  5. Can have Queen of the Multiverse?

    I think there should also be an Envision Prom Dress.

    These cracked me up.